Spotlight Bmore: Trix And Zeke, They Got Next

By Bmore Fab! Contributor Arli

Kevin “Trix” Bent, 25 and Isaiah “Zeke” Davis, 26 are making a name for themselves in Baltimore and DC nightlife.  The two mini-moguls originally from Brooklyn, NY are known in Baltimore as rising entrepreneurs who are dabbling in everything from entertainment to real estate.  The duo is brimming with ideas of branding themselves and making charm city an exclusive place to party.

BmoreFab: How did you two meet?

Trix– We actually met at Morgan State in 2004.  My uncle had a company at Morgan State, it was an 18 and over based company called Extreme Nightlife and he made me the face or spokesperson of the company. Zeke wasn’t really with the team yet and about a year later he came on board with me and Trix and Zeke just started from there.

What is ? is an entertainment company for our 21 and over elite crowd.

Zeke– We also have another company called First Family and that is for our 18-20 year old crowd.  It’s basically college events and once they turn 21, they are introduced to host events in Baltimore, DC, and New York.

Trix-We also did a party in Miami for Memorial Weekend at Club Bed with Fabolous so we are trying to spread our wings everywhere.

BmoreFab: What made you want to start promoting and hosting parties?

Trix–  My uncle started to put me on the party flyers because I was a little popular and I would meet a lot of different people while passing out the flyers and promoting. About a year later I started seeking the business aspect of it.  I grew out of just wanting to party, I wanted to be behind the scenes more. And once Zeke came on board he had the same vision and we just clicked.  Everybody thinks we have been friends since 6 or 7 years old but we’ve only been friends since 2004.

Zeke–  I came into the situation with a business mind.  I had a goal and a plan I really didn’t care about the limelight.  I knew I was going to work hard and once I worked hard I would reap the benefits monetarily.

BmoreFab: A few months ago you co- hosted an event at Eden’s Lounge with Ne-Yo, Who are some other celebrities that have attended your events?

Trix–  Just the other week we had the girl Black Chyna from Kings of Diamonds, Drake shouted her out in one of his songs, and she definitely came through and graced us with her presence.

Zeke– We’ve had Maino come thru, he is a good friend of ours, and we also had Ryan Leslie one year for Morgan’s Homecoming.  But we are not celebrity based, we try and grab a crowd without a celebrity, that’s how you can tell who is here for you and who is here for the celebrity.  If they fall in our lap we are not gonna turn them down but we don’t base our company on celebrities we base our company on good events.

BmoreFab: How often do you have events?

Trix– Right now our flagship project is every Monday at Eden’s Lounge and before that it was Red Maple.  We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of Ravens players come down and by doing that we built a lot of good relationships with Ray Rice, Prescott Burgess, Lardarius Webb and a couple of  basketball players from DC like Andray Blatche. It always amazes me everybody that comes to support us and and I’m thinking, “Wow I can’t believe this is a Monday!” You would think it’s a Friday because it looks like a Friday party.“  We call the event “Cure Mondays” and the theme is “Monday is the new Friday.”

BmoreFab: What do Trix and Zeke add to Baltimore nightlife?

Trix– Being from New York we really have grown with the Baltimore nightlife scene. We are trying to bring the New York/DC feel to Baltimore, Baltimore is a beautiful city, but I think it’s really lacking that New York/DC club feel.  I think that would eliminate a lot of people taking that 45 minute trip on 295 to DC.  We really want to make it pop. We want to make Baltimore a major city with a beautiful nightlife, and we want to make celebrities want to stop in Baltimore instead of going straight to DC.

BmoreFab: What prompted you to stay in Baltimore?

Trix – New York is oversaturated, even though we still do our thing there we really want to start from the ground up and Baltimore is up and coming. In a few years they are trying to push back the party time to 4:00 am and we [Baltimore] have the casinos coming soon, so we think this is a prime opportunity in this city.

Zeke– When we started we compared ourselves to Marc and Taz, when you think of DC you think about Marc and Taz and LOVE Nightclub and that’s what we want to be for Baltimore.

Trix–  I really, really love “American Gangsta” by Jay Z and in the opening song he is talking about branding.  Everything in this world is a brand and we really want to brand ourselves in Baltimore.

BmoreFab: Do you have any sponsors?


Zeke– Yeah that’s a great question because we just received a sponsorship from Ciroc and as of right now we are the official Ciroc Boys of Baltimore… we have a lot of big things in store and details coming up soon.

BmoreFab: What do you love most about this business?

Trix–  I really like that I control my destiny.  It’s not really a slavery type of thing like a 9-5 job.  The harder I work the more benefits I see.  And I like people. Ninety percent of the time we know the majority of our crowd.  If you are new and you come to an event we are gonna introduce ourselves and most likely I’m gonna buy you a drink, I think that’s what separates us from a lot of people, we just don’t put flyers everywhere, we really give you the flyer, get to know you put you on the guest list and our guest list is usually crazy. We do this to make people have a good time, being that there is a recession I feel like that is the #1 reason you should party….forget all the bills and escape for a while and have a good time and then go back to the real world.

BmoreFab: Are you looking into expanding and doing other things other than event planning?

Trix– Absolutely!  Our goal for the next 2-3 years is to do concerts… like huge concerts like with artists like Rhianna of Beyonce.  But we know, you’ve gotta crawl before you can walk.

Zeke– We have the First Family events that bring out about 1500 people and we have the 21 and over events with 1500 people and the 25 and over events that have about 500-600 people.  We are learning how to get masses and control them.  If we take all those people that would be about 3600 people so we know we can give a concert.

Trix– We also have a clothing line called “Trixeke.”

We are big fans of multiple streams of income.  You are not gonna to come to the club naked, most likely you are gonna have clothes on so why not wear our clothes.  I really studied Jay-Z, Diddy, Russel Simmons and the reason why they are multi millionaires is because they put their hands on everything. If I could have people buy
”Trixeke” water I would.

Zeke– We also used to manage the restaurant La Tasca at the harbor right next to Cheesecake Factory.  It’s actually a crazy story, we did a party there and I was thinking of doing more parties and getting a weekly event but Trix came up with the idea to manage La Tasca and I thought that was a great idea!  We did the paperwork and sent everything up to headquarters of La Tasca and they loved it. We were contracted and we were managers there. He was 24 and I was 25.

BmoreFab: How do you two find a balance between business and friendship?


Zeke– I’m the numbers guy. Anytime there is a decision made or a thought process it is Trix and I back it up with the numbers, so that what makes us a great match.  Sometimes when you have a duo some people try to do more then the other person and I stay in my lane and that separates us from a lot of other people and I believe that will give us a lot of longevity in the end

Trix- Just looking at a lot of other people out here, with them it’s an ego thing and I’m trying to get a lot of millions and I don’t have time for an ego even if I wanted to.


BmoreFab: Where will Trix and Zeke be in the years to come?


Zeke– Our goals in the next 2-3 years is to brand Baltimore and put Baltimore back on the map.

Trix– We really haven’t scratched the surface yet…the best is yet to come.


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