[Exclusive] Willis McGahee: “No, I’m Not Dating Other People

Willis McGahee, running back for the Baltimore Ravens has been the latest topic regarding Bravo’s hit series, Real Housewives of Atlanta. McGahee who is currently dating RHOA star and singer Kandi Burruss, caught serious heat from viewers when it was discovered that he was a father of five, and was rumored to be cheating on his ex- girlfriend with Burruss. However, McGahee took the time out this week to set the record straight and we caught up with him to find out the real deal.

Bmore Fab!: You’ve  been under a lot of scrutiny these past few weeks. Some people have even stated that you’re trying to be the next Ochocinco. Is that true? No, not at all. I’m NOT looking for love. You can leave that to Chad. I’m a very private person, you’d never catch me doing a show like that.

Bmore Fab!: So you’re not going Hollywood, this is a one time thing? [Laughs] Definitely not going Hollywood, not in the least.

Bmore Fab!: Speaking of love, are you on or off the market? Are you and Kandi official? Mmmmmm, I wouldn’t say…well watch the show. You’ll definitely know if you watch. Kandi and I are very very cool.

Bmore Fab!: Wait so does that mean you’re dating other women besides Kandi? No, nah. I’m not dating other people.

Bmore Fab!: How are your teammates reacting to your stardom off the field? Those dudes have jokes for days. You wouldn’t think a bunch of football players would be watching The Real Housewives. Maybe their wives told them or something but they won’t stop with the jokes!

Bmore Fab!: Lots of celebrity women like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are known to support their significant others at games, can we find Kandi doing the same for you? Sure, Kandi can come to any game she wants. Support is always good. But, you know, Kandi is a very busy woman, so if she could get away, it would be great if she could come.

Bmore Fab!: Has Kandi actually been here to Baltimore to visit you? [Laughs] Yes, Kandi has definitely been to Baltimore. I like to chill in the house and on the low really. So, in general if you’re visiting me that’s where we’ll be.

Bmore Fab!: Being on television has to be stressful on any relationship, has it changed yours? No, not really. I don’t think it phases me.

Bmore Fab!: Is the new spotlight changing you in general? I just find it funny, all the negative press I get.  These people are just assuming the negative and running with it. If you know me than you know the truth.

Bmore Fab!: Does it bother you when people  call you a bad father? I’m not out here to prove anything to anybody else. I’m content with my relationship between my kids and I. My kids love me and I love them, that’s all that matters.

Bmore Fab!: There’s so many rumors out about you and the mothers of your children. Some sources are even claiming you lived with one of your children’s mother while dating Kandi. What do you say to that? At the end of the day people are going to do what they want to do and say what they want to say. All I can do is live my life, I can’t worry about what’s not true. Anybody who knows me, knows what time it is. That’s all that matters.

Bmore Fab!: You have a birthday party coming up, any special guest? Yes, hopefully you’ll see a special guest there. [laughs]

Bmore Fab!: We know you’re a star running back, a father, and the newest addition to The Real Housewives family. Who else are you? I’m just a regular guy. I truly enjoy my privacy, my life, and football. You can catch me at the [Baltimore] Harbor people watching often. I work with a lot of schools in Howard County and my foundation, which helps out underprivileged youth. Besides all that, you can find me in the house watching Animal Planet with a smile.

*Editors note: Special thanks to Willis and team as this is only exclusive interview he’ll be doing with any blog in the DMV.*