Angela Simmons on Bow Wow: “He’s a Special Person”

Angela Simmons and Bow Wow are rumored to be back together ever since they were spotted front row at a Miami fashion show recently. So, when she was in town over the weekend, along with her sister Vanessa, I had to ask were her and her old flame indeed an item.

“He’s a special person…very,” she answered.

Well, it doesn’t really clear it up but Angela definitely tensed up when I asked the question. Knowing Bow Wow, he probably couldn’t keep a chick like Angela for very long.

The sisters were in town on the New Voices Tour, where they, along with brothers Antonio and Aaron Reid, sons of record excutive LA Reid, search the Nation to find music’s next megastars. Ten semi-finalists were chosen from D.C., including popular Go Go band, Mambo Sauce.

Check back to DC Fab! this week to read the in-depth interview with both Simmons sisters, Angela and Vanessa, and what they think about D.C.’s music scene.