Nicki Minaj’s Album Release Date Finally Revealed

After making a million off of a mixtape, as she often likes to brag, Nicki Minaj will finally be releasing a real album on November 23. She shared the news with her fans on (what better platform?) Twitter:

She also spoke to MTV News about how her mentor Lil Wayne is doing in jail:

“I speak to Wayne, he’s in great spirits. He’s hilarious, always making me laugh whenever I talk to him. He’s his same self it seems to me — just even more business-minded. I speak to him often. I know when he comes out, it’s gonna be a problem, ’cause he’s one of those people that needs to get out his thoughts. So I would imagine he would probably be in the studio for 60 days straight. He’ll probably do three albums the day he comes home.”

Lil Wayne gets out in November and that will be just in time for her album to drop. Good stuff!

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